Transactional law is one of may practice areas Garfinkel Whynot offers to meet your community association's needs. The many beneficial services grouped under the Transactional area of law heading can be considered "General Representation" for your non-profit corporation but the services that fall under the transactional practice area can be anything but general. Providing your association with the information and guidance it requires to operate securely and within the compliance of your governing documents (and the ever changing Florida Statutes that apply to community associations) is something we take very seriously.


Outside of assessment collections, we understand that community associations and their boards are presented with legal issues on a regular basis; some basic - some complex. Our attorneys and their teams are ready to guide you and assist you with all of your association's legal needs. Whether your association's transactional needs involve real property law, corporate law, litigation, contracts or insurance, your Garfinkel Whynot legal team will be pleased to offer professional, knowledgeable,understandable and affordable work product and advice.

Need us to review your contracts, amend your governing documents, prepare a bank loan opinion, handle covenant violations...? We are only a phone call or email away. With Garfinkel Whynot, you can expect responsiveness, accuracy and clear answers accompanied by personalized care. Any question your association has, you can count on your Garfinkel Whynot legal team to get you the answer.