CAN and CEOMC Host Their 5th Annual Legislative Reception

On Tuesday, May 14th, The Community Association Network (CAN) and The Chief Executive Officers of Management Companies (CEOMC) held their 5th Annual Legislative Reception in Winter Park, Florida. Legislators from across the State of Florida attended the event to discuss the accomplishments and challenges of promoting positive community association legislation during Florida's 2019 Legislative Session.

From the Left: Legislative Aide to Rep. LaMarca, Corey Staniscia, Mark Anderson, Rep. Chip LaMarca and Alan Garfinkel

Representative LaMarca from South Florida House District 93, spoke at the well-attended event last week. "It was a pleasure participating in CAN's 2019 Legislative Reception. The extraordinary partnership between CAN, CEOMC, and community association coalitions, help me understand the issues affecting the 10 Million Florida Residents living in Community Associations. This annual event gives HOA, townhome and condominium owners the opportunity to meet their elected representatives and share their concerns. The advocacy team that CAN and CEOMC have assembled delivers their message effectively and efficiently," said Representative LaMarca. Representative David Smith, Representative Anna Eskamani, Representative Joy Goff-Marcil, Representative Anthony Sabatini, Representative Geraldine Thompson, and a number of key Legislative Aides including Kathy Johnson, Corey Staniscia and Joseph Goldberg, all participated in the briefing of statewide community association leaders.

Alan Garfinkel, Founder and Chairman of The Community Association Network noted that "Our Legislative events provide a unique opportunity to bring together lawmakers, management company owners, statewide community association coalition leaders, developers, condo, townhome and HOA boards in order to facilitate face-to-face conversations about how even small changes in laws have a tremendous impact on the millions of residents living in community associations." The Community Association Network (CAN), is a not-for-profit corporation representing the interests of millions of Florida residents living in community associations. The Chief Executive Officers of Management Companies (CEOMC), represent 18,000 managers and 14,000 associations throughout Florida. Through one united voice, both CAN and CEOMC seek to educate lawmakers and residents on the current issues that affect Florida's shared living communities.

I want to personally thank our Community Association Network members throughout the state, who every year make a huge difference shaping the laws that affect your homes, neighborhoods and community associations.

Yours in Community, Alan Garfinkel Community Association Network Chairman of the Board of Directors 1-844-MYCANLAWS (692-2652)

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