29 Days Left of Session. Let's keep our momentum going!

Thank you to all of our CAN Alert subscribers for your continued support in our effort to promote positive community association legislation and keep bad bills from becoming bad law. As you know, Senate Bill (SB) 610 was rapidly making its way through the legislative process. This bad bill would make volunteer board members criminally liable (3rd degree felony!) for failure to produce criminal records in a timely manner.

While this bad bill has not been killed, there was some progress as it makes its way through Senate committee meetings. In the first meeting it passed 4 to 1. But in the second meeting it only passed 6 to 3. Your voices were heard! This shows that your phone calls and emails worked. But we aren't out of the clear yet. SB 610 is now making its way to the Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice. There's no date and time set, but we will be sure and keep you informed as soon as it gets scheduled because we will need YOUR HELP to keep this bad bill from becoming bad law. As always, we thank you so much for your help and we promise to keep you fully informed.

Yours in Community, Alan Garfinkel Community Association Network Chairman of the Board of Directors

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