CAN CALL TO ACTION! Support HB 1129 and SB 1196 - Short Term Rentals

CAN supports HB 1129 by Rep. Chip LaMarca and SB 1196 by Sen. Debbie Mayfield. These good bills ensure accountability and transparency for the short-term rental industry, while still protecting true home sharing. These bills rein in unlicensed and abusive commercial operators setting up de facto unregulated hotels in residential communities that deplete permanent housing options, and replace neighbors with revolving doors of (sometimes unruly) strangers, ignoring health codes and disturbing once peaceful neighborhood communities across the state.

CAN asks all of our members to please email legislators in the Florida House Business and Professions Committee and Senate Community Affairs Committee to urge hearing HB 1129 and SB 1196. We've provided a sample email for you to edit and send today:

"Dear Legislator, I am writing you in support of HB 1129 by Rep. Chip LaMarca and SB 1196 by Sen. Debbie Mayfield. I urge you to hear these bills in your next scheduled committee meeting. Please protect our neighborhoods by supporting HB 1129 and SB 1196. Thank you for your consideration and please support HB 1129 and SB 1196........ so we can protect our neighborhoods by knowing our Neighbors. Sincerely,"

We've made a difference together for more than 10 years. Let's continue to make a difference protecting our families, friends and our neighbors.

Below are the email addresses for each committee member.

Yours in Community, Alan Garfinkel Community Association Network Chairman of the Board of Directors 1-844-MYCANLAWS (692-2652)

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