Support HB 1129 and SB 1196 - Short Term Rentals

With the 2019 Florida Legislative Session now in full swing, we are happy to bring to your attention two bills relating to Short Term Rentals that CAN is proud to support.

CAN supports 2 short term rental bills just filed. House Bill 1129 by Representative LaMarca of Broward County and Senate Bill 1196 filed by Senator Mayfield of Brevard and Indian River County. These good bills provide us needed statutory protection while still allowing associations the ability to regulate short term rentals through your own governing documents.

While some statutory regulation of short term rentals is helpful for state-wide consistency, we must also protect your association's right to govern short term rentals through your own covenants and rules. CAN supports both of these bills because they offer needed statutory regulation by helping to define short term rentals, while still protecting your right to govern your own communities.

We will continue to fight to ensure you control your communities - an important and crucial aspect for Florida's non-profit association corporations which are owned and run by its members.

Please thank Representative LaMarca and two time CAN LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR WINNER Senator Mayfield for their continued efforts in protecting Florida's community associations.

Feel free to email Representative LaMarrca at and Senator Mayfield at

They've been great supporters of our efforts.

Yours in Community,

Alan Garfinkel

Community Association Network

Chairman of the Board of Directors



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