The HOA Short Term Rental Crisis

Do you want special interest groups such as Large Institutional Investors and unregulated Hedge Fund companies influencing or taking over your HOA on how to regulate short term rentals? We didn't think so - especially since their interests don't align with our HOA members and residents. These groups want companies such as AirB&B and VBRO to have free rein and unfettered control in your community and could care less about the headaches short term renters cause. This is why we recommend that HOA communities take action NOW to amend the governing documents and limit short term rentals before it's too late. (Note that condos already have rental restrictions in The Condominium Act).

During this year's Legislative Session, these special interest groups (who own tens of thousands of homes in HOAs) introduced several pieces of legislation related to leasing restrictions and short term rentals that (get this) would have limited your ability to amend your own governing documents. In our ongoing efforts to protect your HOA rights, the Community Association Network (CAN) fought back and prevailed, but we anticipate this legislation coming back with a vengeance in 2019.

We strongly recommend HOA memberships to work with counsel and review their governing documents now for rental restriction language. If the current provisions work for your community, great. If they need to be amended, amend now. If your documents are silent, amend and adopt rental restriction language YOU want in your community, otherwise you may get stuck with laws that favor large corporate Investors and Hedge Fund companies. Take action now before lawmakers decide what goes on next door.

Have a fantastic week.

Yours in Community,

Alan Garfinkel

Community Association Network

Chairman of the Board of Directors



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