Urgent Deadline for Filing Irma Hurricane Claim

For those of you affected by Hurricane Irma, please note that there are urgent deadlines coming up with your insurance company to recover certain damages.

If your property was damaged from the storm and you received insurance monies for your loss with "depreciation monies" held back, you have 180 days from the date of the storm to notify your insurance carrier in writing that you will be seeking to recover the depreciation.

This means that you should notify your insurance company no later than March 8, 2018, that you will be completing repairs to your property and will be seeking to recover "all depreciation benefits" available under your policy.

When providing notice to your insurance make sure you reference your name, property address, claim number, policy number and specifically state that you will be making repairs and that you will be seeking any depreciation benefits available to you. We recommend that you get proof of sending this notice, such as certified mail, and that you also send it via email to your assigned claims adjuster.

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Alan Garfinkel

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