New Website Requirements for Condos - Are You Ready?

Florida condominium associations with 150 or more units (which do not manage timeshare units) must have an independent, password-protected website or web portal by July 1, 2018. With this deadline fast approaching, it is important that Florida condo associations begin taking the proper steps NOW to ensure they are in compliance with the new law by July 1st.

If your condo association is contracted with a management company, the Board of Directors should first reach out to the management company to determine if the management company will be offering a website or portal service that will be compliant with Florida Statutes Section 718.111 before the July 1st deadline. Inquire whether this service will be an additional monthly fee or included as part of your current contract. Associations may also consider contracting with third-party providers for this service. A final option is for associations to host its own, independent website. Whether your association's website or portal is through your management company, third-party vendor or independently maintained, have your attorney review the website or portal service to ensure that it is in compliance with the statutory requirements. Some of these requirements include a long list of documents that must be posted on the site. Additionally, privileged information must be excluded or redacted.

We also recommend having your attorney review any contracts for this service to see who ultimately owns the website. This is important because if your association terminates the contract or there is an interruption in service, the association could be found in violation of the statute because the website was shut down for a period of time.

If you have any questions regarding this new legislation, feel free to call us at 1-866-GW-LAW or email us at Wishing you a wonderful and happy new year.

Yours In Community,

Dara Lahav

Community Association Network

Senior Attorney



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