“When the Wind Blows the Cradle Will Fall”

We are well into the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season. Florida property owners and managers have already seen some severe weather typical for our region this time of the year. With 13 named storms this season and Hurricane Alex’s appearance in January, experts anticipate near or above “normal” activity through the end hurricane season, ending November 30, 2016. According to AccuWeather meteorologist, Alex Sosnowski, the major player this season is likely to be La Niña. The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a 70% likelihood of 10-16 named storms.

We discussed in our June CAN Alert things you can do to get your community better prepared. Now let’s look at your building exterior and how you can prevent future damages and expensive $$$ repairs from severe weather before the storms hit.

- Roof – Have a licensed roofing contractor do a full roof inspection now before the storm. Special attention should be given to wear and condition of roofing materials, flashing and penetrations such as skylights, vents and plumbing access. Creased, torn or missing shingles and flashing issues like rust and pinhole leaks may be indicators of past storm damage and wear. A good contractor can perform this type of inspection and make necessary repairs to prevent more extensive storm damage. Even more importantly, the roofing contractor can take pictures and videos that document what condition your roof is in now so when the insurance company DENIES your claim and blames it on something else, your membership will be protected.

- Siding – Whether your building has stucco, wood, or a cementitious siding material, it is smart to have an experienced contractor evaluate all exterior walls, joints and intersections and TAKE PICTURES. Cracked, drying or rotten siding, and caulking/sealants can allow water intrusion during normal and severe weather conditions. Wind driven rain can also penetrate poorly applied or damaged stucco, siding or weather stripping, all of which can cause wood rot, interior damage and mold infestation. Get a building check up NOW!

- Windows – Improperly installed or aging windows may cause water intrusion to your building’s interior during a storm. Vinyl, double-pane, energy efficient windows that fully meet the pressure and wind load rating requirements for your region can easily be identified by a window installation professional. Installing the right window will help create an aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and secure building. Have a condominium contractor check out the condition and give you the straight talk now. Don’t ever expect straight talk from the insurance carriers when you’re asking they pay some monies to make repairs.

No matter the season predictions, we all know that severe summer weather is simply a part of living in Florida. Please be diligent and prepare your residents and properties for heavy rains, hail, and hurricane-force winds that are always possible during Florida’s hurricane season. Remember that your building’s roof and exterior are the first lines of defense against the elements, so please take these measures and “hurricane-proof” your property now.

Consider calling professionals like Universal Contracting. They’ve been around for a long while helping Florida property owners and community association managers recover from severe weather. Experienced and honorable roofing and window contractors are very beneficial this time of year. Take the time now to vet, investigate and select one. Many will offer no-cost severe weather inspections. One such company is Universal Contracting.

Yours in Community,

Alan Garfinkel

Community Association Network (CAN)

Chairman of the Board of Directors




* Disclosure: CAN Partner Universal Contracting contributed to this article.

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