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After years of working for community associations, The Community Association Network (CAN) was formally established by the community association law firm Garfinkel Whynot. Our vision was to create a non-profit, bi-partisan organization that bridged the gap between Florida lawmakers, providing a voice for the 9 Million Florida residents owning homes or living in common interest communities. With your help, CAN became the organization we hoped it would be and much more. Not only does CAN successfully lobby for positive community association neighborhood legislation, but CAN continues to cultivate and grow partnerships and friendships, ensuring our communities are represented by folks knowledgeable of issues critical to community living. The ongoing relationships with our elected representatives who have become more educated about issues important to you and me was evident at CAN’s Central Florida Legislative Reception.

David Furlow, Representative Debbie Mayfield, Robert Scaringe and Mark Anderson

Because of strong statewide coalition partnerships, CAN gives people owning and living in community associations a strong, unified voice on issues that impact their pocket books and their property values. CAN and its community association coalition partners sound the alarm when needed, alerting leaders that a proposed bill is troublesome. Sometimes powerful lobbyists representing out-of-state interests attempt to mute or confuse our message. For example, when we were fighting the Estoppel Bill, anti-community lobbyists were suggesting that all communities had to do was simply “Push a Button” to prepare the legally binding Estoppel Certificate.

Because CAN and its partners are well-respected in the industry and consistently provide accurate and reliable information to our legislators, THEY LISTEN - and make informed decisions after hearing YOUR side of the story.

For years CAN, with your help and guidance drafted many, many bills to clarify laws or create new community living friendly laws to preserve and protect your property values and our unique community lifestyle.

Marucci Guzman and Representative Rene Plasencia

CAN also knows that knowledge is power. Which is why we provide you and our elected representatives with FREE information and education all year long through the CAN website and our CAN Alerts regarding important trends in the industry or legislation that may affect you as an owner living in an association.

This year we have CAN Advisory Board vacancies under the following categories:

1) Volunteer Board Seat 3

2) Volunteer Board Seat 5

3) Licensed Community Association Manager 2

4) Licensed Community Association Manager 4

5) Coalition Leader 1

6) Coalition Leader 2

7) CAN Certified Business Partner 1

8) CAN Cerified Business Partner 2

9) At Large Seat 1

Our CAN Advisory Board provides us with different perspectives and ideas from statewide leaders in community associations and our massive industry. Thank you to the dozens of applicants who have already submitted their CV for our review.

If you are interested in serving on CAN’s Advisory Board, please submit your Curriculum Vitae to:


Thank you again for all of your loyalty and support. Because of you, CAN is the incredible organization it is today. Together, we CAN and are making a difference.

Yours in Community,

Alan Garfinkel

Community Association Network (CAN)

Chairman of the Board of Directors




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