Victory Is Soooo Sweet

The 2016 Florida Legislative Session is finally over. The dust settled. We’re exhausted but we Won – we Won – We Won Big!

To say Community Association living was under attack this year would be an incredible understatement. Bad bills, terrible amendments- all snuffed.

First up, House Bill 203 The “Home Tax” Estoppel Bill

During the first week of this Session, we got a giant win by getting just 2 legislators to side with us. HB 203 passed its first committee by a vote of 11 to 2. Two more “NO” votes than all of 2015. The Home Tax bill continued on but you kept up the pressure. Your signatures, letters, your emails, your calls and your visits prevented this terrible bill and seemingly never ending slew of amendments that would have shifted the costs of failed home purchases onto all the owners of your community association.

Our team also killed a similar bill in the Senate, SB 722.

SB 1122 Bill- KILLED

This Bill proposed the $500 per day Community Association and Manager Penalty. If passed, SB 1122 would make community associations, Managers and or Management companies responsible to pay $500 per day, for each and every day there was a delay in providing HOA Records. Can you imagine the crazy amount of litigation that would result? Plus, the Manager and Management Company could not seek reimbursement or indemnification.


This bill required condos with more than 500 units and homeowner associations with more than 7500 parcels to pay for, develop, and maintain websites.

Last year, a law was passed allowing the State to fine a community association up to $50,000 if a homeowner suffers identify theft from a website. If HB 1357 passed, your association could have double the exposure - a potential lawsuit from an owner AND a $50,000 fine from the State. This was a Bad piece of legislation for homeowners.

Attack on Collections: HB 1357 went out of its way to hinder association collections. If passed, this would eliminate your association’s control to expedite the process or collect association dues renting out the property. The terrible bill, that we may see again next year, would make the collection process for delinquent assessments more difficult and expensive for your community.

We successfully killed these and other bills. What we do for community associations culminates during the 60 day Florida Legislative Session. The Community Association Network along with its many partners statewide and across the country, make huge sacrifices to ensure that 9 million Floridians that live in community associations are supported by reasonable laws and not crushed by over-regulation.

We at CAN promise to continue to build bridges and open lines of communication between our communities, our board members, our professional community association managers and our elected officials.

Keep safe, give thanks and tell someone you love them today.

Yours in Community,

Alan Garfinkel

Community Association Network (CAN)

Chairman of the Board of Directors



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