Here We Go Again… Vote NO HB 297/SB 316

Yet another sneaky attempt to shift costs onto condos and HOA’s. HB 297, if passed, will reduce the amount of the time a not-for-profit community association can seek repair or reimbursement for repairs and expenses resulting from poor construction or defective building materials.

Guess who pays? You!

Sometimes it takes years before building and construction defects are discovered and raise their ugly head. HB 297/SB 316, are bills that shorten the time your association may seek recovery.

If your association is dealing with construction defect issues that were caused by poor workmanship or faulty materials, the people who built your building and not the owners should pay for the repairs.

Every year lobbyists are paid to persuade legislators to reduce the amount of time community associations may ask their builder to make building repairs resulting from faulty construction. Every year CAN and its partners fight enormously hard against these bad laws.

A community association board has to jump through so many hoops to even make a building damage repair claim. Many times a developer will not turn over a property for 5,6,7 years or more leaving the defects to the owners and unsuspecting board. The community, and its owners must fight its way though expensive engineering reports and make a detailed claim before time runs out.

We at CAN are trying everything we can to stop HB 297 and SB 316 from becoming a bad law for condominiums and homeowners associations. HB 297 (House companion bill to SB 316) was passed by 1. The Civil Justice Subcommittee; 2. The Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee; and 3. The Regulatory Affairs Committee. This is NOT good news.

It’s not too late. We don’t give up easily.

Please know that the Community Association Network (CAN), The Space Coast Communities Association (SCCA), the Chief Executive Owners of Management Companies (CEOMC) and other leading community association groups around the state are urging our elected representatives to VOTE NO to these BAD Bills.

Thank you again for all your help throughout this tough 2016 Legislative Session. Your support this year was sensational.

Yours in Community,

Alan Garfinkel

Community Association Network (CAN)

Chairman of the Board of Directors



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