KILL BILL HB 203/ SB 722

Last week SB 722- The Home Tax (Senate companion bill to HB 203) was passed by the Regulated Industries Committee 6 to 4. Let me tell you folks, this is EXCELLENT progress – and here’s why. Last year this same senate committee voted in favor of this same bill 9 to 2. Had we received 1 more “NO” vote, the Home Tax Bill would have been defeated due to a tie. The next stop for SB 722 is the Senate Judiciary Committee. HB 203 has not yet been scheduled.

Thanks to your efforts, CAN’s Petition is getting lots and lots of attention in Tallahassee. That’s not surprising given the fact that we exceeded our 1,000 Petition goal in a just a few short days. If you have already signed the Petition, there’s more you can do to fight these bad bills. Go to where you can personally email your elected State Representative and Senator. An email coming from a “verified constituent” (a member of the elected representative’s official district) is extraordinarily powerful. Here is how the website works. Visit the site and enter your address. Click on the email button and send to your elected State Representative and Senator. You may draft a personal note explaining why they should oppose HB 203 and SB 722. Here are some phrases to get you started: - Please don’t raise my association fees. Vote No on HB 203 and SB 722. - Please do not support the Home Tax. Vote No on HB 203 and SB 722. - Our association cannot afford HB 203 and SB 722. Why are these bills bad for your community association? In a standard residential real estate deal, your community association is required to provide a buyer/seller with financially binding information. It costs your Association’s money to complete the documents, “it’s not just pushing a button” like the Title Companies have paid lobbyists to spin. If the sale does not “close” for whatever reason, you get to pay the fees. How do you like that! There is no reason these bills should be passed since current law already protects potential community home buyers and sellers. Why are we trying to change the current law when charges from estoppel transactions rank dead last compared to other real estate charges? Estoppel transactions account for a measly 1% as indicated by the chart below:

Join the Community Association Network (CAN), the Community Association Institute (CAI), the Space Coast Communities Association (SCCA) and other leading community association neighborhood groups around the state saying VOTE NO to this silly Home Tax. Yours in Community,

Alan Garfinkel

Community Association Network (CAN)

Chairman of the Board of Directors



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